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  • Egyptian Yoga

    "As a certified Yoga Instructor (i.e. Basu), Nzinga brings the Kemetic Yoga practice to life through her fun, energetic spirit. Helpful by nature, Nzinga practices patience offering classes catered to the novice or experienced, young or seasoned yogi".

  • 100 Days of Hell

    "Ten-year veteran school teacher Nzinga Felix, M.Ed. has a unique, uncensored voice that provides an often comical and entertaining, yet painstaking and shameful firsthand account of the harsh realities that underlie a failing educational system. Her experience, her voice, her way-Nzinga candidly takes you there."

  • Health & wellness Products

    Nzinga offers a variety of health and wellness products and services that will aid you in your wellness journey.


Nzinga Felix hails from Arkansas, growing up in the "country" (Woodson, AR) and living back and forth between there and Southwest Little rock. She received her elementary and middle school education from Pulaski County and Little Rock Public Schools, ultimately graduating from McClellan Magnet High School. Nzinga left college to join the military, serving as an analyst for the United States Air Force. Prior to leaving the military, she re-enrolled in college and subsequently earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and began teaching in a school for adjudicated youth in Washington, DC.

  • What our client says

    "I love your calm spirit sister and how you always make me feel at home during our yoga sessions. I'm so glad to connect with such a "LIT" spirit. Thanks for helping me with my body stretches, and explains the poses thoroughly. I wish you the best and can't wait until our next session." ~Jennifer Holmes (

  • What our client says

    Nzinga is a Yogi like no other! I want to thank you for your commitment to community, inner healing, and elevation. BTW, your community yoga session at the Grand Opening of VKI Personal Development with WRFG 89.3 FM was so appreciated. Love & light my siStar". ~Versandra Kennebrew (VKI)

  • What our client says

    "My heart, mind and soul connects with the Yoga class! Its beneficial for my body in so many holistic ways. I am so happy it is being held at the most Sweetest and Healthiest place in Atlanta, you cant beat that with a bat! Join in your #SelfCare regimen. The Godezz in you will not be disappointed. Cant wait for my Oracle reading and training too!" ".
    "~SweetSpotAtlanta (Instagram)"!