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Egyptian Yoga

To understand Kemetic Yoga, one must first understand each word and the energy it encompasses. Yoga, itself, means to link or join. It is a Sanskrit word meaning "to unite the individual with the Cosmic". Yoga is a science, a psychology if you will, that includes the way you live your life, the way you nourish your body, your movements, proper breathing, meditation and studying for deeper insight.


According to Muata Ashby (2005), "Yoga is any process which helps one to achieve liberation or freedom from the bondage of human existence. So whenever you engage in any activity with the goal of promoting the discovery of your true self, be it studying the wisdom teachings, practicing them in your daily life, practicing exercises to keep the mind and body healthy for meditation, rituals to lead the mind toward the divine or meditation on the divine, you are practicing yoga".

Kemetic Yoga

Kemetic or Kemet is originally known as "black land" or "land of the blacks". Kemet is the land of what is present day Egypt. So the connection with Kemetic Yoga can be looked at (or understood) as Egyptian Yoga and as many connections as you can make with the definition of each word.

Yoga With Nzinga

Tuesdays we meet at 7pm at the SweetSpot Vtox Boutique (675 Metropolitan pkwy, suite 6018, ATL GA). When the weather is nice, we will meet at the Historic Adair Park (806 Tift ave, ATL)

Saturdays we meet at the Historic Adair park (time TBA)

The Basu Pledge

This pledge means lot to me, not just because it was part of my certification process, but because it puts into words how I feel about myself and others. You are divine, therefore I am divine. I am serious about Kemetic Yoga and I'm committed to sharing it with those who are open to embracing it as a practice or as a way of life. I forever want my life to reflect the divine energy test connects with us all.

Kemetic Yoga Society

The Kemetic Yoga Society (KYS) is a community promoting and supporting the teaching and spreading of the African-Centered Yoga (ACY) Lifestyle & Practice. For more information on yoga instructors in your area, workshops, yoga classes etc. please visit the a KYS website at